Easily connect communications channels available on your computer with the help of this straightforward and easy to use software solution.

  • WinTelnetX
  • Version :4.22
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :David Robbins

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WinTelnetX Description

A computer isn’t just used to establish an Internet connection so you can chat with friends or view your favorite shows. It’s a powerful processing machine that is responsible for all types of communications, given there are available ports to use. As such, WinTelnetX lets you use COM ports for various communication tasks.

Can be used on the go

A neat advantage is that WinTelnetX doesn’t take you through a setup process, being able to function right after download is finished. As a consequence, system registries remain intact, so that the health status of the PC you use it on is not affected in any way.

The visual design is rather simple, with a main window that acts as the central command station, with the possibility to store multiple windows inside, each one for a different connection or task. Connecting to a port is pretty easy, and only requires you to write down the specific port, and press the trigger button.

Save logs and edit command scripts

Unfortunately, the application doesn’t come with an option to scan for available ports, so you need to know which are free. When connection is established, a different command window shows up, but all logs are stored in the main window. You can also save them to TXT for further analysis later on.

WinTelnetX gives you the possibility to connect to more ports simultaneously, as long as they’re available. Clever programming allows it to handle PacketCluster, AR-Cluster, and CLX backbone connections. Data can be sent directly as commands, but there’s also the option to edit the default script in order to send more complex commands via a specific port.

A few last words

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that WinTelnetX comes in handy for establishing different communication systems through available COM ports. It’s possible to keep more connections active at the same time, and even send customized commands through thorough scripts.

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