Save money and increase the lifespan of your computer by configuring it to stay awake only when you are actually using it with this app.

  • WinSleep
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WinSleep Description

In case you are trying to reduce the household expenses as much as possible, then little actions, such as turning the lights off when leaving the room or shutting down a big high-end computer, for instance, are aspects that are going to be reflected in your electric bill.

WinSleep is a utility designed to help you manage the periods you keep your computer awake, so that you can considerably cut down on resources consumption and prolong the lifespan of your PC in the long run.

Includes a clean and intuitive interface

The program comes with an organized and uncluttered interface, despite the fact that it displays most of the feature and function in the main window. In the upper section, you can preview the system information section that enables you to analyze the CPU and network usage as well as user idle time. The data can be useful for creating a new policy, which can eventually help you preserve more resources.

In the lower section, the application displays a timeline that exhibits the time periods when the computer is awake, sleeping, hibernating or whether the policies are enabled. On a side note, until you get familiarized with the color codes for each action, you can consider keeping the legend on for the Power Status bar.

Helps you create custom schedules for your PC’s sleep/awake sessions

The primary role of the program is to help you create sleep schedules for a specified period when you are not actually using the computer for work or leisure purposes. You should know that you can set schedules for the interval when you are not using the computer and on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

While you can configure multiple sleep policies or employ the same one for other schedules as well, it is worth mentioning that you cannot remove the settings on the Default policy. At the same time, you should keep in mind that if policies overlap, the app accounts and enforces the one that is listed first. Then again, as soon as the interval for the procedure is over, it runs for the latter schedule and rules.

An efficient utility that can save you money

In the eventuality that you have a top-of-the-line CPU and a gaming-level graphic card on your PC, but do not want to leave them on all the time to avoid a hefty energy bill, then perhaps WinSleep might come in handy.

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