Keep track of all events and tasks you need to handle in an organized workspace, with options to set audio and email alerts with this powerful application.

  • WinReminders
  • Version:1.11.42
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:HES

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WinReminders Description

You can fully rely on your computer to remind you of upcoming events, anniversaries, tasks, and other things your brain usually forgets to point out when necessary. Needless to say that this is best done with the help of specialized applications like WinReminders, which provide various tools and flexibility options.

Visually appealing and easy to use

It takes only a little while to get the application installed on your computer, but you need to make sure that .NET Framework is a part of Windows for everything to work as expected. When launched, the main window shows up, and although it may seem a little crowded, accommodation is a walk in the park.

A side navigation panel lets you quickly access all categories, but you can’t add new ones. What you can do is rename them, and there are even five custom slots to use to your advantage. The rest of the space is where created items are shown along with details like label, notice period, recurrence, next date, and days to go.

Multiple predefined event categories

A few extra tools help make WinReminders even more flexible. For instance, a calendar can be used to look over all created events, with an easy navigation style and panel that shows tasks in the selected date. There’s also a date calculator to help you figure out how much is left until a particular event takes place.

All items are created through the same window, but they depend on the category you’re in. This makes it easier to configure tasks. What’s more, there’s the possibility to set up audio alerts and other kind of reminders, such as having an email sent to an address of your choice. You can export the list of tasks you create so you can later on import it, or even use on other computers.

To sum it up

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that WinReminders is a practical utility that cleverly structures possible activities and tasks you can perform, with the creation window letting you manage only those options that matter to each category. Multiple alert methods can be used, and export options make sure you can review tasks on other computers and always have an extra copy at hand.

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