WinReducer EX-70

Various tweaks and customization options that enable you to alter the installation package of a Windows 7 distribution to make it meet your needs.

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WinReducer EX-70 Description

WinReducer EX-70 bundles a variety of tweaks that enable you to fully customize the installer package of Windows 7 so as to alter both its functionality and looks. With its help, experienced users can save time by creating a personalized installer that removes unneeded features and modifies other functions according to their requirements.

Customize the way Windows 7 is deployed

The application enables you to explore the options and configuration of a genuine Windows 7 ISO file, remove the features you don’t need and keep the ones you like and then generate a new disk image or a bootable USB device. You can protect important files and applications embedded in the ISO file, in order to prevent modifications that could alter their functioning.

At first launch, it displays the ‘Configuration’ window and the application cannot be started until you install all the required apps, namely 7-zip, ImageX, oscdimg, SetACL and Resource Hacker. Once all these programs are detected, you can proceed to selecting the ISO file to tweak and use the ‘Preset Editor’ to make your modifications.

A variety of functionality and appearance tweaks

There are numerous options that you can modify, such as removing applications that are installed by default with Windows (such as Windows Media Player, the Telnet client and so on), deleting drivers, fronts, languages, context or start menu items, taskbar options and other functions you might consider unnecessary.

Moreover, it enables you to disable or remove certain services, integrate new drivers and updates into the installer, change user and system folders or add new registry entries to the deployment kit.

Aside from functionality tweaks, WinReducer EX-70 also comes with options for changing the looks of the operating system. As such, you can modify the default theme pack, customize the cursor set and so on.

Personalize your Windows 7 OS before installing it on your PC

WinReducer EX-70 can only work with Windows 7 ISO files. If you want to customize a Windows 8 or a Windows 8.1 ISO, you can download WinReducer EX-80 or try WinReducer EX-81.

The application is intended for experienced users only, since it requires prior knowledge of Windows functions so as to avoid incompatibilities. Since some of these modifications could result in making the ISO unstable, it is advisable that you install Windows in a virtual environment before deploying it on a real computer.

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