A software utility that enables you to create extensive knowledge bases and use natural syntax to communicate with your computer.

  • WinNB
  • Version :5.1
  • License :Shareware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :I. Volkov

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WinNB Description

Programming languages can be very powerful and versatile, allowing you to create almost any kind of computer program. They do, however, require a long period of learning and training in order to take full advantage of them and achieve the results you desire.

Use natural syntax to communicate with your computer

WinNB is a software utility that provides you with an alternative solution, by allowing you to use day-to-day language and syntax in order to communicate with your computer. This enables you to create extensive knowledge bases containing dialogs, sentences and even questions you can throw back and forth with your own CPU.

The application offers support for a variety of handy constructs, including statements, simple sentences and rules, all of which can be used to sketch a logical reasoning mechanism. Whether you want to toy around with an artificial intelligence simulation, or create a comprehensive knowledge base for more serious purposes, WinNB puts a hefty amount of features at your disposal.

Take advantage of the human-like virtual machine

In order to convincingly simulate a real person on the receiving end of the communication, the application has a built-in virtual machine to exhibit basic behavioral attributes. It is, however, more of a base framework for you to build on, since it is pretty basic in its nature. You can improve on it quite easily though, in case you need more advanced features.

Furthermore, the language used to program the knowledge base is as close to the natural human syntax as it can be without defeating the purpose. Thus, the commands used to control the machine are very easy to understand and implement, since they follow a logical pattern and do not include any complicated arguments or keywords that need remembering.

In conclusion

Despite the initially confusing user interface, WinNB becomes very easy-to-use and intuitive after the first few minutes of accommodation. In addition, it provides you with samples and example files that can be used to quickly get the hang of the application and start working on your own programs.

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