Winlive Synth Driver

Play MIDI files on your PC with this powerful virtual synthesizer that offers a wide array of sound notes and can be connected to a digital keyboard.

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Winlive Synth Driver Description

Winlive Synth Driver is a powerful software tool that functions as a multi-timbral GM/GS-compatible virtual synthesizer. It supports up to 128 polyphony notes and is bundled with a large number of high-quality sounds.

The program can be used as a sound module, as it is also possible to connect it to a digital keyboard via a midi-in port.

Powerful MIDI synthesizer

The application allows you to import your MIDI files and offers support for drag and drop, making the task a lot simpler.

Once you have opened a file, you can play it as you would a standard audio track, change the sound volume, as well as skip forward or backward.

However, you can also view all the included instruments, enable or disable any of them, change their volume or replace them with others.

Furthermore, when switching to Extended mode, you have access to a virtual keyboard that can be used to play new sounds. Winlive Synth Driver can even be connected to a digital keyboard via the midi-in port.

Complex program that offers plenty of customization options

When accessing the application’s preferences, you can select the desired output audio device, as well as a MIDI input device, if one is available. The audio buffer latency can also be modified, and the minimum possible setting is 50 MS.

Furthermore, you can add more effects to the Drum Kit and change the maximum number of polyphony notes.

Somewhat outdated interface that offers two layout modes

Depending on the operations you need to perform, you can choose between the Extended and Compact layout modes.

Winlive Synth Driver is not particularly impressive from a visual standpoint, as its interface seems to be rather out-of-date. Moreover, the window cannot be resized, and you cannot customize the layout of its panels.

Overall, Winlive Synth Driver is a useful virtual synthesizer that is relatively novice-friendly and comes equipped with a large library of sounds. Additionally, it supports MIDI input devices and up to 128 polyphony notes.

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