Winlive Pro Synth

Play karaoke files while viewing the included lyrics, manage multiple instruments, create new sound banks and much more, with this complex application that includes virtual sound generation software.

  • Winlive Pro Synth
  • Version : 7.0.10
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Pro Music Software

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Winlive Pro Synth Description

Winlive Pro Synth is a complex software solution designed to help you play various types of karaoke files and view the included lyrics, while also offering a wide range of advanced features.

The program enables you to edit multiple song parameters, store your files in a database and convert tracks to other formats, as well as take advantage of an internal GM+ sound bank and digital piano.

Powerful application suitable for advanced users

Winlive Pro Synth supports a large number of file formats, including MIDI, KAR, MP3, WAV, MP4, AVI and MPG. When playing karaoke tracks, you can choose from multiple display modes for the included lyrics, and the program also supports multiple monitors.

It is possible to record your voice over the MIDI or audio files, add effects and insert sounds in real-time using the built-in audio samples editor.

You can manage volume, sound effects and various other parameters for each MIDI track and manage up to 16 instruments.

Text can be imported in TXT or RTF format, and the application can help you synchronize the lyrics with the background audio.

Take advantage of the built-in MIDI synthesizer

Winlive Pro Synth includes a comprehensive sound bank and supports external devices connected via the midi-in port.

Moreover, you can use the Winline digital piano to generate sounds and convert MIDI files to WAV or MP3.

Feature-packed application that offers insufficient documentation

Winlive Pro Synth provides you with an extensive array of features and numerous helpful tools. As a result, the program is versatile enough to be used in most situations, and even by experts.

However, no English documentation is available, which makes it a lot more difficult for first-time users to get to grips with the program’s functions, especially if they have limited experience with similar software.

Overall, Winlive Pro Synth is a powerful software solution that functions as a karaoke player but also includes an extensive array of features for more advanced users. Unfortunately, the lack of adequate documentation makes the application less suitable for novices.

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