A virtual WiFi hotspot software.

  • Winhotspot
  • Version:2.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Harsha

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Winhotspot Description

Winhotspot is an efficient application that delivers easy means to create virtual Wi-Fi hotspots, which a variety of devices can connect to in order to gain access to Internet.

The principle that a hotspot is based upon is simple: using a single Internet connection, you can generate a network that shares its resources with anyone that owns the correct authentication login and password.

Winhotspot is brought on a market that doesn’t fall short of such utilities, yet despite that, it became increasingly popular due to its ease of use and accessibility.

The first step to creating a virtual Wi-Fi hotspot is to choose the Internet connection to be shared and to set a name and password for users to authenticate with.

Once you press the ‘Start’ button, your connection will become shared and available to all users with a device equipped with Wi-Fi support.

All connected clients are displayed in an another window, with additional details such as IP and MAC address, while WiFi stats (SSID, signal, channel, etc) are being shown in a separate section.

Other highlights include upload / download statistics, as well as shortcuts to Windows’ Network Diagnostics utility and to the Network Connections area.

During our tests, Winhotspot behaved quite nicely, allowing us to share our connection in a matter of seconds without taking a toll on system resources. One downside worth mentioning is the slow startup speed – it took almost a minute from when we launched it to the moment we actually got to see the GUI.

The bottom line is that Winhotspot stands a pretty good chance of becoming even more popular with a more appealing design and better startup times.

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