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Search for and access files on your computer in a matter of seconds just by typing in a keyword associated with it with this tool.

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Wing File Search Description

Even though Windows has constantly made several improvements on the embedded file managers, sometimes the explorer function is not enough to get the job done fast.

Wing File Search is a utility that enables you to create indexes with the content on your drives and search for specific files using keywords.

Clean and well-organized interface

While initially the main window appeared blank and empty, the interface can be an example of the optimal use of white space.

More precise, after you make a query, you can notice each file carefully displayed along with additional data, such as score, location, date of creation, size or index. On a side note, the program supports all major file formats featuring content and it would be nice if it supported images as well, for instance.

Although the application allows you to open the files by double-clicking on them, you can also preview the content in the lower panel. This feature can surely come in handy when you are browsing various files with similar names.

Smooth functionality, but low responsiveness

After a quick and smooth setup, you can access the application and start creating as many indexes as you need. Before you can perform a search, you should first make an index where you include all files and folders you usually need fast access to. You should update the newly created index for your options to take effect.

The app comes with an advanced search function, meaning that you can select the indexes for the query. You can specify if do not want the search to account for a certain index from the search window.

It is necessary to mention that Wing File Search can get stuck or have low responsiveness when performing a query. Unfortunately, this can be quite irritating as the whole purpose of using a dedicated app to search the drives is to make things faster and smoother.

It is OK, but could use more work

The idea behind Wing File Search seems to be well thought and the application can be quite handy when managing terabytes of content.

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