Seamlessly check out the statuses of the Windows Update Services and automatically fix errors that prevent them from running via this tool.

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WindowsUpdateFixer Description

Although most of us ignore it and absently close the alert bubble whenever it pops up near the System Tray, keeping Windows up to date is the cornerstone of the OS’s security and integrity. Failing to make the updates regularly and closing the service can only make your computer more susceptible to bugs and security holes.

WindowsUpdateFixer is a tiny piece of software that can help you determine if the Windows Update Services are running properly and corrects the bugs and errors that are hindering with their functionality.

Includes a bare-bones and rugged interface

The setup is quick, straightforward and does not require distinctive attention from your part. It is recommended that you run the application as Administrator since there is a fair chance that the utility needs to reboot the operating system’s update services.

The program comes with a plain and unpolished GUI that consists of a small window that some basic information about the processes that might prevent or block updates on your system. To be more precise, you can preview whether the Windows Update, Cryptographic and BITS services are running at the time of the scan.

Can help fix update issues resulted from malware infections

The idea behind the application is to access and restart the services in order to debug them and perhaps, make them functional again. The program is as simple as it looks and correct errors that might be responsible for blocking updates by simply hitting the corresponding button.

You should know that the utility fixes the problems automatically and hence, you do not need to specify parameters or configure anything. The app lets you know whether the error could be addressed via a notification error. It is unclear if the app is capable of resolving update problems that are not directly connected to the Windows Update Services.

A small tool that can restore your Windows Update Services

All in all, if you are having troubles installing the latest updates for Windows or the services have stopped working altogether due to a virus infection or other reasons, then perhaps WindowsUpdateFixer can lend you a hand.

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