Quick access the web, open documents or go to your email client with just one click using this simple and straightforward software solution.

  • Windows4Seniors
  • Version :3.3.4
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
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Windows4Seniors Description

As the name suggests, Windows4Seniors is an application that is specially designed for users with poor memory, poor eyesight or that suffer from various conditions that prevent them from typing efficiently.

Comes with an intuitive interface that features voice guides

Following a quick setup, you are welcomed by an introductory window that provides a generic explanation about the role of the program. In case you have not used similar applications before, then you can consider listening to the Help section as well.

The application is designed as a launcher and hence, you can access it by clicking on the dedicated icon located at the top of the desktop. The UI includes five main categories, namely quick links to local folders and Windows functions, programs installed, quick website links, email client and a list where you can make notes.

Includes quick links to common functions and apps

While you cannot change the list of programs or options available with the programs and PC sections, you should know that you need to have the applications installed in order to use it. For instance, if you do not have the Microsoft Office, then you cannot access applications such as Word or Excel.

You can customize your web links with all the pages that you are commonly accessing. The utility comes with some suggestions to popular websites such as YouTube, eBay, Yahoo or Facebook, but you can seamlessly replace them with the ones you are actually using. You can add a new link by clicking on the free space on the list and then pasting the link.

A handy app for senior users or those with certain health issues

In the eventuality that you are suffering from an RSI related condition, arthritis or you have suffered a hand injury that entails using your hands as little as possible, then Windows4Seniors can provide you with a basic solution to accessing most websites, local files and other applications on your computer.

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