Windows Snapshot Grabber

Capture snapshots of your desktop, view detailed information about a selected window and modify its size, by using this lightweight tool.

  • Windows Snapshot Grabber
  • Version :2017.9.707.2932
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Batchwork™ Software

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Windows Snapshot Grabber Description

Windows Snapshot Grabber has been created to help users take snapshots of the desktop screen or of specific application windows with as little effort as possible.

Spartan looks

It does not have much of an interface or options, which makes it a pretty good candidate for less experienced users.

All the functions present in the program are present in the top part of the small application window; they may not be fully comprehensible right from the start, but a quick look in the documentation reveals their functionality.

Keep in mind that most of the options (visible, enable, on top) are related to the target window, whose coordinates are available in the small editing panel; selecting it is done by dragging the crosshair on its title bar.

Easy to work with

At a first glance, working with Windows Snapshot Grabber may appear a bit daunting, but once you learn the ropes everything turns out to be easier than initially thought; this does not mean, though that there aren’t much better alternatives on the market.

There are only two capture options, one for grabbing the entire application window that has been targeted and the other allows capturing a user-defined region.

However, there is also the possibility to delay taking the snapshot until the region is ready. As such, you can record an application window complete with menus or other elements. Moreover, the opacity level can be lowered so that the grab also shows what’s behind the target.


Windows Snapshot Grabber has a much steeper learning curve and as far as options and features are concerned, it does not sport the same flexibility we’ve seen in other applications in the same category.

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