Windows Shutdown Assistant

Automate system tasks, like log off, shut down, restart, hibernate, lock, turn off monitor, run screensaver, open custom file or program, or stop a tool or service, as well as take custom notes on your screen.

  • Windows Shutdown Assistant
  • Version:3.1.1 Build 01/13/2017
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All

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Windows Shutdown Assistant Description

Windows Shutdown Assistant is a small software application whose purpose is to help you schedule your computer to shut down automatically. Aside from automating a shutdown session, the program is able to open webpages, run utilities, or display a custom message.

User interface

You are welcomed by a clean and straightforward design that packs all configuration settings into a single panel. The tool reveals the current date and time in hours, minutes, and seconds directly in the main window.

Rules for triggering automatic tasks

Windows Shutdown Assistant gives you the possibility to activate a system action in 30 minutes from the current time, at a certain date and hour, and every day. In addition, you can specify the days of the week when the automatic action is triggered and repeat the task at a custom number of minutes.

An automatic action can also be activated in case the system is detected as being idle for a certain number of minutes, CPU usage stays above a custom value for a specific time duration, or power line is offline and battery charger data corresponds to a user-defined value.

Set up automatic system-related actions

The application helps you choose between several tasks, namely log off, shut down, restart, hibernate, lock, turn off monitor, run screensaver, open custom file or program, stop a tool or service, open a webpage, or display a user-defined message.

In addition, you can make the utility perform additional tasks, like empty Recycle Bin, clear IE cache, history, and cookies, delete recent documents history, as well as get rid of temporary files. A countdown can be shown before activating an automatic action and you may configure its time duration in seconds.

Other important tweaks worth being mentioned enable you to create a list with multiple scheduled tasks and customize the messages that are displayed on the screen in terms of desktop position, size, font and background color, and background image.

Create notes

Windows Shutdown Assistant lets you keep multiple notes on your screen with user-defined text messages. You can perform basic clipboard actions (cut, copy, paste), alter the size, color, and style of the text font, set the transparency level, change the background color, keep notes on top of other windows, as well as rename notes. Notes can be hidden with a single click.

Final remarks

All things considered, Windows Shutdown Assistant helps you configure multiple automatic tasks and write down notes. The clean feature lineup makes it suitable for rookies and professionals alike.

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