Windows Post-Install

Revolutionizing Windows installation.

  • Windows Post-Install
  • Version :8.7.2
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Kelsenellenelvian

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Windows Post-Install Description

Windows Post-Install delivers a whole new concept to automation in Windows XP deployment. This particular piece of software can save you hours of applications installation that you might perform every single time you install Windows XP.

There are alternatives to Windows Post-Install, but they require a higher knowledge level as well as more time due to their complicated methods involving all kinds of scripts. While this may seem like automation, it lacks speed of execution and error-free operations.

Not only that Windows Post-Install provides the means and tools to create a software list that automatically installs right after the Windows installation process finishes, it can also help you further configure important aspects regarding network credentials and settings or theme style and tool tips.

The whole idea behind Windows Post-Install is to kick in upon Windows successful deployment and allow you to select between program lists such as default or any custom-made category like office tools, file managers, web browsers, multimedia, system utilities, CD / DVD tools or security related programs.

This way, you are able to store all of your most important applications alongside the Windows installation on the very same disc, being that a CD or DVD. Moreover, Windows Post-Install silently installs them so there is no need of feedback from you within any of the installation processes.

Windows Post-Install also takes care of any registry tweaks you might want to perform on clean Windows installation and other personal settings including Windows XP installer window customization, countdown timers, 64-bit processing or audio player.

The bottom line is that Windows Post-Install does not take much to become your number one tool for your custom Windows XP installation discs. It severely cuts down the time required for you to deploy the whole suite of programs one-by-one. This solves any impediments, thus headaches, while seamlessly providing a ready-to-go system once the operation ends.

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