Windows Media Player Taskbar Toolbar Enabler

Control playback from the Taskbar by enabling the optional toolbar available in earlier versions of Windows Media Player, with this handy utility.

  • Windows Media Player Taskbar Toolbar Enabler
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Vinay

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Windows Media Player Taskbar Toolbar Enabler Description

Up until the release of Windows Media Player 12, it was possible to control playback using a small toolbar that could be added to the Windows Taskbar. This feature was later removed, but it is still possible to enable it using certain utilities.

Windows Media Player Taskbar Toolbar Enabler is a simple program that allows you to restore this feature and manage playback easily from the Taskbar. While the utility is very easy to use, the toolbar does come with some limitations.

Enable the Windows Media Player Taskbar toolbar

The program itself is very straightforward, as the interface consists of a simple window that includes two buttons for installing and uninstalling the toolbar.

Once the initial configuration has been completed, the application can be shut down and even deleted, as it will no longer be necessary unless you wish to uninstall the component.

Useful toolbar that has some notable issues

In order to use the installed toolbar, you need to open a video or song in Windows Media Player, minimize the application and then enable the toolbar from the Taskbar context menu. This operation has to be performed after every restart, which is less than ideal.

It is also worth noting that, while you can bring up the video and visualization window, it does not display any content, regardless of the type of media being played.

Offers limited functionality but makes it easy to control playback

On the whole, Windows Media Player Taskbar Toolbar Enabler is a straightforward program that makes the task of activating the WMP Taskbar toolbar a lot simpler that it would be if performed manually.

However, the inherent limitations of the component are still present, as the process of enabling the toolbar is quite cumbersome and needs to be carried out after every restart. Additionally, videos, visualizations and album art are not displayed, which means it is only suitable for playing audio files.

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