Windows Log Inspector

Use this application to track local or remote log files, to analyze the recorded events, as well as to print the selected content.

  • Windows Log Inspector
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Fabrizio Stellato

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Windows Log Inspector Description

Windows Log Inspector is a reliable program that enables you to open and tail log files, from local or remote paths. The application is simple to use and can display the results of the file analysis in a comprehensive table. The entries include the source IP address, port, date, domain and the used protocol.

Tail files via HTTP protocol

Windows Log Inspector is a straightforward and simple to use application, designed to run log files and tail them. The program requires that you specify either a remote or a local log file path, then Run it to preview the results.

The process is quick and the results are displayed in real time, in the program’s interface, each entry on a new row. For quicker identification, the rows are numbered, regardless if they contain text or if they are empty. The program can continuously scan the file and display new entries, which is particularly useful in the case of online files.

Move to the last rows

Windows Log Inspector features a useful function that can automatically scroll down to the last entries in the list. It can come in handy especially when the log file is very large or if it is continuously updated.

The program requires an Internet connection to perform the tasks and supports browsing even via a proxy server. Make sure you have specified the address of the server, the port and the login credentials if they are required. Additionally, you can set an initial limit for download in the File Watcher tab.

Quickly tail log files

Windows Log Inspector can easily read local or remote log files, allowing you to view their contents on separate lines. The display area in the program’s interface allows you to select the entire text and copy it to the clipboard, along with the line separation. Moreover, you can start or stop the log tailing process at any time.

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