Windows Explorer Tracker

Keep track and record all actions performed in Windows Explorer and other network drives mapped with this easy-to-use application.

  • Windows Explorer Tracker
  • Version:2.0 Build 013
  • License :Demo
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:TriSun Software Inc

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Windows Explorer Tracker Description

In case you are sharing your computer with other users or you notice folders and files modifications you do not remember making, then you could need a tool that allows you to track the actions performed on the hard disk.

Windows Explorer Tracker is a utility designed to record the activity on all drives along with the dates and names of the completed actions.

It records everything neatly

Regardless of whether you create, rename, insert a new file or delete a certain folder accidentally, you can find all the information related to it within the program’s history log. In addition to tracking the action, the app also records the date and time it was finished.

Consequentially, there would not be any shadow of a doubt regarding who made modifications and what operations were carried out. This applies to your local drives, LAN and other remote storage devices mapped.

A noteworthy feature is that the utility allows you to specify a certain time frame for recording.

Clean and intuitive interface

The recorded operations are displayed in an uncluttered and simple interface. Although some users would prefer a sleeker UI, the design fits the role and function of the tracking application.

Despite Windows Explorer Tracker’s minimalistic appearance, you can find detailed data regarding the action, meaning date, hour, object, path as well as the original and new name for files that have been renamed.

Find and access logs quickly

Whenever you need to check out an action on your local drives, you can access the Manage Log File function and open the log history. The latter contains a detailed chronological record of the actions completed.

In general, it is enough to know an approximate date and hour when an operation was carried out in order to find out more about a certain action. Once you find it, you can check out the details, modify it or permanently delete it from the history logs.

An app designed for users who want to be informed

If you want to be up to date regarding the actions performed on your computer, then Windows Explorer Tracker can be a useful app to consider.

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