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View advanced information about various windows on your system, such as class, text, properties, path or process command line by turning to this application.

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Window Inspector Description

If you work as a programmer or a software developer, you probably understand the importance of having trustworthy utilities you can rely on, in order to achieve quick, convenient results.

Nowadays, it is possible to choose from a wide variety of software solutions, such as Window Inspector, that can help you simplify your work by providing you with various relevant features.

Hassle-free installation

Setting up this program on your computer can be achieved without too much effort since no advanced configuration is required during installation.

You only need to accept the End-User License Agreement, specify a destination path and follow the on-screen instructions to deploy the application on your system successfully.

Extensive interface

Window Inspector comes with a comprehensive user interface that features no hidden menus or functions, thus making it possible to operate its controls with minimum effort.

You can view a parent window hierarchy and an owner window one directly on the main screen. Each of them shelters a list of windows that you can display in a tree-view mode. The configuration window this application packs can be accessed by clicking the gear-shaped button.

Access detailed information about windows

This application can help you display numerous intricate details about your windows, such as class, title, properties, bounds, styles, icons, process path, hit result, process arguments or caption buttons.

All the information is conveniently displayed in the main window, so you do not have to worry about accessing it via additional menus. The top toolbar encompasses a series of extra features that enhance the program’s functionality. It is possible to refresh the window list, display the parent root only, freeze the timer at the current value, save the resulting information to a file on your computer or lock the selected window.

Comprehensive window analysis tool

To wrap it up, Window Inspector is a reliable application that can help you receive numerous details about windows on your system without significant efforts. It can be easily installed on your computer, features a non-complicated user interface and its functions can be accessed with minimum difficulty, therefore proving itself to be a valuable asset.

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