Personalize your desktop in Windows 8 or 10 by selecting custom colors for the taskbar, the start menu, active windows, and title bars.

  • WinColor
  • Version :1.2 Build 5799-38903
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Jackass JoeJoe

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WinColor Description

By default, Windows 10 comes with a black taskbar, start menu and Action Center, which goes well with the desktop’s color, no matter the wallpaper you are using. But if you get bored with the default look and want to personalize the appearance of your PC, an application such as WinColor might come in handy.

Personalize colors in your working environment

WinColor is nothing more than a color customization tool for Windows 10 and 8, which enables you to modify the color of several desktop elements and create a personalized working environment.

No installation is required, which makes WinColor even easier to use. Just like in the ‘Personalization’ screen, you can find a preview area within its main window, which might give you an idea of how your desktop will look like once the changes are applied.

Offers more than the ‘Personalization’ screen

There are multiple elements you can customize with WinColor. To begin with, it enables you to change the color of the taskbar itself and some items related to it, such as the icons of the running programs, the start menu background and its icon as you hover it. In addition to this, you can customize the color of the active and inactive windows, the title bars or the preview windows. The window borders are not included in this list, but you can change their color from the ‘Personalization’ screen.

As you might already notice, the range of elements you can customize is broader than the one offered by the ‘Personalization’ screen. Moreover, WinColor features a complete color palette (unlike the ‘Personalization’ screen, which comes with a predefined set of colors), so you can select any hue for your desktop and adjacent elements. However, an integrated color picker to select a color from the current wallpaper or another source would not be a bad idea.

Redesign the color palette of your desktop

WinColor offers full customization possibilities in Windows 10 and 8, enabling you to change the colors of various desktop sections, so as to create an environment you will fully enjoy. It brings to the table a few additional elements compared to the built-in ‘Personalization’ screen in Windows 10, which allows you to create the color combination you like.

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