Winaero Tweaker

Apply all sorts of tweaks to your OS’ appearance and behavior using this powerful but approachable piece of software that should put you in full control over your PC.

  • Winaero Tweaker
  • Version :
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Sergey Tkachenko

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Winaero Tweaker Description

For reasons easy to understand, some users get quite excited about customizing their OS. Regardless of whether we are discussing aesthetic changes or functional ones, the liberties you are provided with by default are not that impressive, so resorting to third parties is a natural choice.

Winaero Tweaker is an all-encompassing piece of software enabling you to apply such modifications in no time. Sporting a rich feature set, the application should be a great resource if you want to be in full control of OS-linked details.

Approachable tool allowing you to customize your PC

First things first, the program sports an intuitive user interface, with all its available tweaks being listed and grouped in the left section of the main window.

To have an overview of the program’s capabilities, you must know that categories such as “Appearance,” “Behavior,” “Boot and Logon,” “Desktop and Taskbar,” “Context Menu,” “Settings and Control Panel,” and many others are close at hand if you want to adjust anything in your OS.

Note that options enabling you to reset to defaults can be found in the “File” menu, so you don’t need to worry about the irreversibility of your modifications.

Allows you to choose from a host of visual tweaks

Given the high amount of tweaks the program puts at your disposal, we won’t be able to cover them in their entirety. However, to help you make an idea, we will start with the visual changes you can apply.

You may, for instance, enable an “Aero Lite” theme and colored title bars while also having the possibility of selecting custom accents. The program also lets you adjust the horizontal and vertical spacing for icons as well as their font.

Helps you customize all sorts of aspects linked to system behavior

You can stop the OS from automatically looking for apps in the Store as well as ask it to disable downloads blocking or ditch the need to reboot after updates. What’s more, asking for a password at startup is also possible to protect your PC.

Other than that, you can also disable the lockscreen or find new images for it, hide the last login username, or opt to see logon info in order to know exactly who used your PC.

Enabling or disabling the administrator account is also possible using this program, which, you should know, incorporates a series of security-related features too.

Powerful tool comprising an impressive amount of tweaks

On an ending note, Winaero Tweaker is a powerful tool providing you with the possibility of customizing your OS’ appearance and reactions in all sorts of situations.

The tweaks it packs are quite varied, letting you be in full control of your PC, so the utility proves to be highly recommended for users keen on having an eye-catching and responsive PC.

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