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Create a wireless hotspot on your computer in a quick, convenient manner by turning to this application that packs a random password generator.

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Wi-Fi Hotspot Description

Sometimes, connecting all of your devices to the Internet can be impossible to achieve, mainly because of hardware-related limitations.

However, it is possible to create virtual wireless access points directly from your computer, by turning to third-party software, such as Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Please note that this program requires you to have a wireless adapter and an Internet connection so that it can be used to its full extent.

Effortless installation

Deploying this application to your computer can be achieved in a quick, hassle-free manner since you are not required to perform any complex configuration steps.

You just need to accept the End-User Agreement, specify a destination path on your system and follow the on-screen instructions. The program is automatically launched when the setup is finished, which makes it up for not generating a desktop shortcut icon.

Simple user interface

Wi-Fi Hotspot packs a minimalistic interface that integrates highly intuitive functions, thus making it possible for a broad range of users to understand and benefit from its capabilities without considerable efforts.

More so, it comes with a configuration menu that is quite simplistic, as you can only adjust a few easy-to-understand parameters, including setting the maximum number of connections or choosing the connection you want to share.

Create a virtual wireless access point

This program can help you create a wireless hotspot on your computer in a quick, effortless manner, by typing a name and a password in the designated fields and ticking the corresponding checkbox.

Additionally, it provides you with a handy random password generator that you can use to create complex passkeys to protect your hotspot. This tool comes with four directional arrow buttons: the up and down ones are used to create new strings while the left and right ones can increase or decrease the string length.

Lightweight wireless hotspot creator tool with random password generating functions

All in all, Wi-Fi Hotspot is a reliable application that can help you create a virtual wireless access point on your computer in a quick, convenient manner. It comes with a simple user interface, packs intuitive functions and features a random password generator, as well.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Video Guide

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