White Noise for Windows 8 and 10

Fall asleep faster using ambient sounds that can you relax when you are away from home or on a long flight using this intuitive tool.

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White Noise for Windows 8 and 10 Description

White Noise Store App is a small piece of software that enables you to play various ambient or familiar sounds that can help you relax and hence, take a nap or good night’s rest.

Comes with a sleek UI and features great graphics

The application comes with a stylish and fresh interface that is highly intuitive and unlikely to give you any troubles. While the main window displays the available ambient sounds, you can access the app’s commands from the menu located in the upper-left corner.

You should know that the relaxing sounds are coupled with a stunning, high-quality pictures that are representative of the audio sample that you are about to hear. While it may not seem like much initially, the pictures can spare users with eyesight problems a lot of troubles, as they can skip the read and select the familiar sound based on the picture.

Allows you to schedule events, but could use more samples

A further noteworthy feature is that you can configure the application to play the sound you enjoy for any duration and even the entire night. It is worth mentioning that you can play the same noise in a loop for the desired interval.

You can set the timer by accessing the Setting tab and specifying the desired amount of hours and minutes. At the same time, you can increase or decrease the general sound volume of the application, in case the ambient sound is too loud or low for your taste.

Among the sounds you can choose for relaxation or nap time, you can count rain pouring, oscillating fan, chimes chiming, beach waves or grandfather clock. It would have been nice if the tool included more sounds or if it could at least allow you to record or generate some of your own.

A utility for users who have problems sleeping away from home

In the eventuality that you are having a hard time falling asleep regardless of the quality of your accommodations arrangements and you need to hear a familiar sound so you can relax and nap, then perhaps White Noise Store App could lend you a hand.

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