WERAM – Work Equipment Risk Assessment Management

A software utility that enables you to manage the work safety equipment for your company, as well as run extensive risk analysis procedures.

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WERAM – Work Equipment Risk Assessment Management Description

Risk assessment is vital in a company, especially when your employees need to handle dangerous substances, or they are working in hostile environments. Hence, in order to assure their safety and protection, you need to analyze the procedures and make sure that all the required precautions are taken care of, as well as view detailed reports assessing the calculated risks.

Detailed risk assessment using a database system

WERAM – Work Equipment Risk Assessment Management is a software utility that uses the Microsoft Access runtime in order to deliver a database system for you to store and organize your risk-related data and information. Hence, the familiar environment allows you to easily take advantage of the application and quickly get the hang of the available features.

In order to begin risk analysis procedures and manage your data, you first need to create your company inside the utility, as well as add locations, designations, departments and employees. This allows you to personalize the database according to your own business, as well as keep track of all the details concerning your personnel.

Generate reports and create assessments

The main purpose of the application, though, is to help you manage risk assessments. To do this, you can create new entries and add a large number of data regarding the suitability, restrictions and actions surrounding the assessment in question. In addition, they can be easily customized and edited to include information about the appointed assessor and even briefing notes.

Reports, on the other hand, allow you to have an overall view of your company, as well as visualize individual assessments. Thus, you can easily generate reports containing the overdue items, staff lists, program users and even details about your company, such as location or departments. Moreover, these can all be printed directly on paper from within the application.

A complex application with an extensive list of features

Overall, there are few things that did not make it into the utility, since WERAM – Work Equipment Risk Assessment Management comprises a hefty selection of tools suited for almost every situation regarding risk and risk assessment. Furthermore, the Access interface makes the utility easier to grasp by inexperienced users, since it sports the familiar and accessible ribbon, containing all the functions.

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