WebSundew Enterprise

A complete web scraping and data extraction utility that enables you to extract the desired information from web pages fast and efficiently.

  • WebSundew Enterprise
  • Version :4.7.1 Build 1318
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :SundewSoft

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WebSundew Enterprise Description

In spite of the fact that data you require for your project may be readily available on a number of websites, manually searching for it, capturing and then copying it would be a task that would consume a lot of time and energy. If you require extracting data from multiple websites for e-commerce, real estates or travel, then opting for a web scraper would make sense.

WebSundew Enterprise is a comprehensive piece of software that enables you to extract the precise data you want from websites fast and hassle free.

Comes with a cluttered, yet user-friendly GUI

After a straightforward setup, you are welcome by a fresh and modern interface that comprises of two main sections, namely the preview panel that enables you to check out the web page you are extracting the data from and the workspace where you can define the scraping parameters.

While most of the UI is dedicated to the aforementioned panels, you should know that the main window also features numerous other smaller panes in the lower section. Although they include various data that can be more or less relevant data for your projects – reports, progress, properties, etc. – having them all open at once makes the interface appear crowded and cluttered.

Includes a scraper agent that does the data extraction automatically

The advantage of the application stems from the spider agent, a feature that you can configure to perform the retrieval of the desired information automatically. In addition to allowing you to define the precise type of data you want to extract, the agent is designed to overpass pages that contain numerous Java scripts.

Unlike WebSundew Lite, Standard or Professional, the Enterprise edition is capable of text recognition and supports incremental data extraction. Consequentially, you can save a lot of space by extracting only the new and updated information from the websites.

Extract the data you want with this web scraper

Regardless of whether you are a travel agent, realtor or run your own e-commerce websites, WebSundew Enterprise can save you a lot of time and energy by automatically retrieving the data you need for your promotions, deals or other projects.

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