WebM for Retards (WebMConverter)

One of the simplest ways to convert videos to WebM and trim, crop, resize, rotate, or watermark them in the process, with further advanced settings for experienced users.

  • WebM for Retards (WebMConverter)
  • Version :2.24.2
  • License :MIT License
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Nixx

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WebM for Retards (WebMConverter) Description

WebM for Retards (also known as WebMConverter) is an alternative to FFmpeg and AviSynth, providing users with an easier-to-use video converter to WebM format.

Fit for both beginner and experienced users

The main advantage is that it is not necessary to use the command prompt. Instead, users interact with an intuitive GUI that only requires them to select the input video and press a button to start the conversion.

Nevertheless, experienced users will not be disappointed: WebMConverter enables them to write and execute AviSynth scripts and comes with advanced encoding and video processing options. For instance, the video size and bitrate can be customized, and audio conversion can be enabled or disabled. Furthermore, the color level of the video can be tampered with, and the encoding threads and slices can be customized. It is advisable to handle these expert settings with care and modify them only if the consequences are known.

Various processing filters: crop, trim, resize, rotate, and watermark videos

WebMConverter comes with a few extra tools to assist you in processing the video. As such, users can trim, crop, resize or rotate it, and add it subtitles.

Other filters enable you to reverse playback, overlay a text watermark or a picture on top of the clip, perform audio dubbing, or adjust the rate. Almost all these filters feature preview functionality, which enables users to see the result before the changes are applied.

A WebM converter with clear options simple GUI

WebMConverter is, indeed, easy to work with, but its other name (WebM for Retards) is the one that is meant to highlight its simplicity in comparison to other WebM conversion solutions. Aside from its intuitive options, all the settings and options are accompanied by explanations that tell users a few words about what a particular button does. The entire configuration you create before conversion can be easily exported as an AviSynth script.

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