An efficient and straightforward software application designed to help you scan your local files for any changes and for URL addresses.

  • WebESC
  • Version:17.07
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Drazen

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WebESC Description

WebESC is a simple to use application designed to perform security checks and verify local and online files for changes. The software enables you to compare file lists, containing local or web items, in order to verify if they have been tampered with, highlighting areas where modifications have been made.

Analyze the items and links contained in FLS files

The software can scan URLs or locally stored Web pages, then create a FLS file, listing all the analyzed documents. Additionally, you may create such a list manually. Next time you record such file, WebESC can highlight differences between the files listed within, in order to create a virus alert. While some file changes are harmless, certain pieces of code can trigger viruses or other file damage.

WebESC can perform the scan on web links stored in the clipboard, or scan a newly created FLS file, for web or local verification. The software can display the FLS file status as the scan is ongoing, indicating if its integrity checks out or not.

Analyze and diagnose web links

For a quicker file analysis, you may set the software to skip checking other attributes, except for the file size, and save the results to a log file instead of creating a new FLS document. Moreover, you may force the software to detect errors if a certain link is a path to binary applications, such as download links. Alternatively, you may log the links with unspecified file sizes.

After each scan, WebESC creates a FLS file, containing updated information about the scanned links, as well as a list of all the analyzed items. However, it replaces the former FLS document, by overwriting it. It is indicated that you create backups for the FLS documents, in order to avoid losing important data.

Security checks and analysis

WebESC is a reliable tool that enables you to perform a security check on the Web addresses you frequently use, or the links you have stored locally. The software suggests a quick and easy method of checking the integrity of the links, by listing them in a FLS file and verifying them periodically.

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