Seamlessly download websites full with links, images as well as pages and access them later from your local drives using using this powerful offline browser.

  • WebCopier
  • Version : 6.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :MaximumSoft Corp

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WebCopier Description

Even though an Internet connection and browsers go hand in hand, sometimes you might have to be in various locations where you do not have access to a LAN. While your first instinct would be to double-check that your hotel includes WiFi, using an offline browser is also an option worth considering.

WebCopier is an intuitive application that enables you to copy and download the information from websites you need for your personal or work projects so you can access them in offline mode.

Old-school, yet clear and intuitive interface

In spite of the fact that it includes several themes from Microsoft Office, the utility comes with a rather rugged interface. Nevertheless, the UI is straightforward and hence, first-time users are unlikely to experience any issues while navigating.

The main window is split into two panels, with the left one exhibiting the summary of the projects along with contents and log file. The larger pane on the right side can act as a browser for displaying saved content and the area where you can preview the download status of the website.

Enables you to download the content that you need

It is necessary to mention that the program allows you select the content that you want to save and group it in Projects that you can name, so you can find them easier. To be more precise, you can download specific web pages, images or URLs according to a certain filter for instance.

Alternatively, you can download entire websites, particularly if you consider the information would be useful for your next business trip or vacation. As a side note, there is a chance that the application becomes slightly slow and sluggish when you are attempting to download a relatively large website that includes thousands of links, images and pages.

A simple offline browser that can save you some cash

Even though it does not handle large websites downloads very well, WebCopier is an overall satisfactory tool that can come in handy in a wide variety of circumstances when you do not have access to the Internet or the WiFi is too expensive.

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