Webcam Motion Detector

A motion detector and webcam monitor that allows you to keep an eye on your personal property even when you are not around the computer.

  • Webcam Motion Detector
  • Version :2.3
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Zebra-Media

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Webcam Motion Detector Description

Webcam Motion Detector is a handy and reliable piece of software whose main purpose is to capture any detected motion. It allows you to connect multiple IP cameras and video capture devices, then preview them in the main window.

With the help of Webcam Motion Detector you are able to monitor your home or office and each time motion is detected, the application will automatically play a sound.

Before using the program, an IP camera (or webcam) must be connected to your computer. After that, you can press the ‘Add Camera’ button and manage all your cameras. From the drop-down list you are able to preview all the attached devices and choose only the one you are interested in.

Afterward, you can change the video sizes, the frame rate and the aspect ratio. Additionally, you can enable motion detection for the current camera, reduce the video noise and change the sensitivity. By accessing the ‘Alerts’ tab you are able to choose the actions that you want to start when an alert is triggered. This way, each time motion is detected, the application is able to notify you through e-mail, play an audio alarm or simply upload the captured images and videos to a FTP server.

For those who need to add labels in the form of text, date and time, they can easily navigate to the ‘Overlays, Labels’ tab. When the ‘Motion Detection’ feature is enabled, you can perform text overlay during preview, playback or recording.

Considering that each camera has its own settings, you can easily schedule your webcams to monitor multiple locations at a specified time or for a fixed duration. Simply access the ‘Schedule Camera’ option from the Webcam tab, set the start and the end time and schedule each camera to perform various actions such as monitoring, capturing photos or recording video.

In case you want to get a better overview on all the scheduled actions, you can navigate to the ‘Scheduler’ tab available in the ‘WebCams’ tab.

In closing, Webcam Motion Detector is a practical video surveillance program that comes in handy for users who need to detect motions by connecting multiple cameras to their computer. Because it comes with an embedded player, you are able to watch recorded clips, capture video frames and perform frame overlay.

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