Web Page Screensaver

A little screensaver which can display web pages on the entire screen and even allows you to interact without closing even if you move the mouse.

  • Web Page Screensaver
  • Version:1.2
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Cameron Currie

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Web Page Screensaver Description

Although not used for their original purpose anymore to keep old CRT monitors alive in idle times, screensavers are still integrated in operating systems, including Windows. As such, Web Page Screensaver comes as a small utility which can be used as a regular screensaver to display web pages of interest on the entire screen.

Quick and easy installation

It comes in a lightweight package and is good to go from the moment download is done. You might want to right-click it and choose to Install, just so you can comfortably access and manage it from the Windows Screen Saver Settings panel. You easily find it by the name along with all the other screensavers.

Needless to say that it benefits from all the default features of a screensaver. As such, you can configure the idle time before the screensaver kicks in and whether or not to display the logon screen on resume, which is an ideal mode for preventing others from snooping through your files.

Use the mouse to interact on pages

On the bright side of things, it also comes with its own settings. This is where you can create a list of websites to be displayed in idle time on the entire screen. It acts like a slideshow, with the possibility to specify the rotation interval in seconds. Additionally, you can have the list shuffled on playback, and prevent mouse movement from closing the screensaver.

The screensaver might not feel like much, but it might be the perfect thing for kiosks and large displays. More than this, web pages are fully interactive, and you can even navigate back and forth with the help of hotkey commands. Multimedia elements are supported as well, so it can even be used as a live presentation of a website or items you want to display through one.

In conclusion

All things considered, we can state that Web Page Screensaver is exactly what the name suggests, but it’s surely worth your while. Pages are completely interactive and support multimedia items. Multiple pages can be added to a list which can play in random order.

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