Web Log Explorer Enterprise

Connect to your server to gather web log files or create a new one from scratch to get detailed info with tons of reports to generate.

  • Web Log Explorer Enterprise
  • Version :9.0.1 Build 1345
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :ExactTrend

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Web Log Explorer Enterprise Description

Progress is the result of multiple experiments and heavy analysis. A computer can handle them both nowadays and various services and applications are used to test and generate logs of events so you know if and what needs to be fixed or updated. Since there are so many coverage areas, Web Log Explorer Enterprise gives you the possibility to keep a well-organized database of your log files and all corresponding details.

Clean and simple interface

The first thing you get to experience are visuals, regardless of the program or game you run. This application keeps its structure simple to allow easy navigation through all project elements. The workspace is large enough, while the side panel makes sure all resources are at your fingertips, and the upper toolbar being responsible for holding general project functions like file management, filtering and view type.

Grab log files from your server

Once the application is up and running, you’re greeted by an initial setup screen so you can define your new workspace or connect to an existing database. Unlike other editions, this one gives you the possibility to grab resources from different servers, like FTP or HTTP, with load balancing and web farming.

As the name suggests, the application aims to help a little more with web related resources. After a little while of gathering and sorting data, all that’s left is to go through what interests you with the help of the side navigation panel. Structured in categories, these let you view stats for trends, marketing, server, visitors, user agent, references, activity, and general details.

Thorough info and graph display

All items are cleverly displayed in the center area upon mouse click. Stats mentioned above are just categories and hold a lot more content. The application can read over thirty different file formats, with the possibility to have them filtered by selecting pages, downloads, images and all others as elements to display.

Besides the list view, you can get a chart representation, but only for logs that can be arranged in such a style. It can be exported, just like any other piece of info. Output files can be HTML, MHT, TXT, CSV, as well as sending via email and other settings to pick what exactly to pile up in the file.

Reports and system resource usage

Tons of reports can be generated at the press of a button. Either through the built-in, rich context menu or the menu bar, these let you gather data and get a general overview for pages, URL parameters, file types, regions, cities, referrer pages and sites, operation systems, browsers, as well as multiple forms based on time specifications.

You probably figured out by now that the application can handle an impressive amount of data. To make work more efficient, it uses multithreaded processing of log files for better distribution and usage of system resources. What’s more, file storage is also logged by creating a database of parsed data, helpful for dealing with logs that take up a lot of disk space.

A few last words

To sum it up, Web Log Explorer Enterprise lives up to expectations and provides a powerful and comprehensive workspace in which to store, view and analyze web logs. Server compatibility is neat, as well as the rich content and support for data types. This is the top edition so if you feel a little overwhelmed by features, you can try out the Lite, Standard, and Professional editions as well.

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