Web Link Validator

Advanced URL checker for website testing that automatically detects broken/invalid links and other similar issues, featuring thorough analysis and reports.

  • Web Link Validator
  • Version:5.9 Build 592
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:REL Software

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Web Link Validator Description

Web Link Validator is a comprehensive software solution for professional users who want to test the validity of all links available on their websites. It performs this process automatically, thus saving you the trouble of manually checking each URL to see if it’s still up and running.

Simple setup and pro-grade interface

The setup operation is a fast and simple setup procedure that doesn’t need special attention. As for the interface, Web Link Validator adopts a large window where all options are neatly organized in separate areas.

Scan websites and analyze a summary

You can begin by specifying the starting URL, ask the tool to retrieve links from that page only or take into account subpages too, verify both internal and external links, as well as enable a spell checker to check for grammar issues.

During the scanning procedure, you can check out statistics with the internal, external and total links, whether they were added, verified, good, broken, or redirected. The number of total processed pages is listed there too.

Examine in-depth data analysis

The collected data in the summary is extended in the main app window, where you can discovered URLs, comments and page titles, in addition to the type of error.

Apart from the fact that you can view all links in a single place, you can explore them in separate sections, namely good, broken, or by error type (404 not found, 401 unauthorized, 403 forbidden, 500 internal error, timeout), non-verified, unsupported, aborted, internal, external, and so on. Other groups include processed pages and errors found in HTML tags, protocols, the content type, file name extensions and groups, failed page rules, and pages with spelling errors.

Inspect URL code, export information, and generate reports

URLs can be visited in the default browser, copied to the Clipboard or inspected for header requests and responses. You can use a search function when dealing with large amounts of data, customize the grid, columns and highlights.

Website verification results can be saved to file for later examination, while data can be exported to several file types: text, HTML, RTF, XLS, CSV, or XML Google Sitemap. Moreover, you can compile HTML, XLS or CSV reports and select the type of data to include when it comes to general information, website quality, page optimization and rules, along with website maintenance and structure.

Evaluation and conclusion

Surprisingly, the software application had minimal impact on computer performance in our tests. It carried out scan jobs swiftly without hanging, crashing or prompting error messages.

Taking into account its intuitive interface and rich options, Web Link Validator should meet the requirements of most experienced users looking to verify and investigate links in their personal websites.

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