A handy and small-sized piece of software that enables you to permanently stay informed about weather changes and get a real-time satellite footage.

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WeatherDan Description

Having a gadget that can monitor weather conditions on your computer and allow you to always be informed about forecasts without checking TV news, newspapers or Internet websites is becoming more and more popular.

WeatherDan is such an application that helps you monitor weather conditions and make plans for future vacations or trips.

Quick weather check-up directly from the Systray

Unlike most tools of its kind, WeatherDan can be accessed from the Systray without interfering with other programs you might be working with. By clicking the dedicated icon from the Systray, you can view a small frame that displays the weather status of the specified region and parameters like temperature, wind, humidity, pressure, dew point, visibility and UV index. Unfortunately, you do not have the possibility to change the frame’s position on your screen, but simply open and close it with a left mouse click.

Change settings the way you prefer

Right clicking WeatherDan’s icon allows you to change settings. Thus, you can set the current ZIP code, change radar coverage settings from 300 to 600 miles, display radar, launch and configure auto-retrieve weather function at the preferred time interval. The best part is that, you can apply all these changes without restarting the application or your computer. Also, there are no annoying popups or splash screens to hinder you while you are working with other programs.

A unique feature is that the animated 300 or 600 mile Doppler radar allows you to see real-time satellite footages of weather changes. This map is useful for analyzing the way in which the weather is evolving in a certain region. The downside is that the radar only works for US ZIP codes, just like the weather forecast. So, if you do not live in the US, you might want to look for a similar application that can provide you with a weather forecast for your location.

Handy weather monitoring tool

To sum up, WeatherDan is a reliable application when it comes to provide you with detailed weather forecasts. Even though it gives you a detailed summary of the current weather conditions by ZIP code selection, you have no possibility to customize its appearance by changing skins and colors, enable warning sounds or modify tray icon behavior. Plus, the temperature is displayed only in Fahrenheit degrees, with no possibility to convert to Celsius.

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