WD SSD Dashboard

Keep your Western Digital SSD’s performance at peak levels by turning to this handy application that provides you with a wide array of tools.

  • WD SSD Dashboard
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Western Digital

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WD SSD Dashboard Description

If you own a SSD, you probably know that it provides you greater speed than the regular Hard Disk Drives, but they also operate under different parameters and require special maintenance now and then.

WD SSD Dashboard is one of the applications that can help you ensure that your Western Digital Solid State Drive runs at peak performance while also offering you a series of additional functions as well as useful insight.

Optimize your SSD

This application can help you optimize your SSD without significant efforts since it offers you a broad range of relevant functions. The main screen lets you access your drive’s status, monitor its functionality and perform a series of maintenance operations.

You can also view various details about your SSD such as its model, firmware version, health and notifications, as well as additional information about your computer, including the manufacturer, model, processor, operating system, service pack, secure boot and system type.

Perform maintenance operations

From the Tools category, you can perform a secure erase of your SSD’s contents by simply accessing the function and following the on-screen instructions. For this action you need to use a USB drive, since it will attempt to create a bootable USB drive.

The Sanitize operation also requires a USB flash drive. The Drive Management section lets you update your SSD’s firmware, if necessary.

Sends email alerts

You can configure the application so that it sends email notifications to you whenever a notification that requires your attention occurs. For example, if your SSD requires a firmware update or there are faults in its functionality.

In order to activate this function, you only need to navigate to the Settings category, access the Email Alerts section and provide a valid email address. If necessary, you can set which alerts should you be notified of by clicking the Advanced Alert Options button.

Handy SSD optimization tool

All things considered, WD SSD Dashboard is a reliable application that helps you optimize your SSD by providing you with a broad range of tools. It comes with an intuitive interface and lets you use email notifications for various situations.

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