WavePurity Professional

Record your old tapes / vinyl with this application, filter out any background noise, edit, mix and improve them before converting them into CD ready formats with the burning software included in this powerful application.

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WavePurity Professional Description

WavePurity Professional is a professional software application whose purpose is to help you edit audio files and remove noise from old audio recordings.

User interface

The GUI looks and feels a bit overwhelming at a first glance because the tool comes packed with tons of settings. This approach is suitable especially for less experienced users who may not know where to get started.

There’s support for a multi-tabbed layout that allows you to make editing adjustments to audio files easier.

Configure prior audio settings

In order to get the optimal settings for the audio recording sessions, the application helps you configure your audio mixer device by adjusting the volume level. In addition, you are allowed to change the master volume. The tool shows a real-time frequency display, oscilloscope and equalizer.

Built-in audio recorder

WavePurity Professional offers support for an audio recorder which allows you to pick the preferred frequency, resolution and channels. You can export the recordings to WAV, MP3, PCM, ACM or other file formats by installing audio plugins. Internet radio audio streams can also be recorded, and you can schedule recordings.

Audio editing features

The program helps you edit files by using clipboard actions, like cut and paste, for moving audio blocks from one editor window to another.

Furthermore, you are given the freedom to modify the signal amplitude, apply fade in and fade out effects, and enable several effect filters, such as reverb, echo, and dynamic compression during audio playback.

WavePurity Professional comes with support for automatic track finding and filtering options of your recorded LPs, tapes or radio programs. Aside from effect filters, you can work with repair (declick and decrackle, gap repairing), noise (e.g. FFT reduction, disturbance suppression), and frequency (low, high and band pass, rumble, notch, equalizer) ones.

Other important features worth being mentioned enable you to change ID3 tags, burn an audio CD with the restored tracks, generate a pure sine, triangle or square wave type at any frequency supported by the current sample rate, play songs directly in the main window, and read tracks from an audio CD.


All things considered, WavePurity Professional provides a thorough set of features for helping you record and edit audio files. Plus, you get to play with various filters suitable for noise elimination and error correction. The only problem is that getting used to working with this tool is not that easy, even though it embeds wizards, so you may need to invest extra time into the tweaking process.

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