Watermark Passion

Safeguard the photos that you are sharing with the public or uploading online via a watermark text of your choice using this intuitive app.

  • Watermark Passion
  • Version :1.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Christos Beretas

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Watermark Passion Description

In spite of the fact that some artists and bloggers perceive them as a distraction, watermarks have the role of discouraging anyone from using your photos without your permission. Moreover, they can contribute to brand awareness and can serve as a reminder as to the author of the photo.

Watermark Passion is a small utility that provides you with a simple method of safeguarding your pictures that you want to use with your blogs, articles or other content you are posting online.

Quick setup and minimalistic interface

The installation is fast, straightforward and does not require any special attention from your part. The utility comes with a barebones interface, whereas the vast majority of the UI is dedicated to previewing the image. The idea behind the design is to offer you an overall look at the photos and let you decide the most suitable location for your watermark.

Then again, you should bear in mind that the window is not resizable and does not come with a zooming function. Consequentially, it may not be the most suitable application for inspecting details in your images, for instance.

Does not include too many watermark customization options

Unfortunately, there are limited locations where you can place your personal stamp. While the suggested areas are common places for a watermark, it would have been nice if the app gave you more freedom to place it anywhere you want. After all, while some want to make it inconspicuous, other users may want to use it as an ad.

A further setback is that you have limited options when it comes to selecting the size, style and color of the text to be displayed. On the bright side, you can add any text you want, an option that can be useful for real estate agents, realtors or any other professional that commonly relies on this type of advertisement.

A watermark tool that could be useful for advertisement

In case you are not looking for anything fancy to protect your photos while working on your brand awareness at the same time, then perhaps Watermark Passion might be worth a try.

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