Manage stocks, store company information, organize storage space and keep track of deliveries by using this database editing tool.

  • WarehouseNet
  • Version : 10.10
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :ibuyer.hk

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WarehouseNet Description

Managing large quantities of merchandise can be tiresome and usually demands a lot of time. Instead of stacking papers trying to keep track of various data, you can use a database management tool, such as WarehouseNet for storing critical information in a well-organized manner.

In order to properly run WarehouseNet, you need to install Microsoft Access Runtime 2007 or later.

Rather complicated user interface

WarehouseNet comes with a comprehensive, yet quite complicated layout that offers little to no hints regarding its core functions, therefore advanced computer skills are required in order to benefit from this application’s full potential.

Despite its sophisticated interface, WarehouseNet provides you with a few separate user guides that you can access in order to comprehend its basic functionality routine.

Comprehensive warehouse management tool

This application was designed for companies and administrative activities, for better keeping track of sensitive data, such as item lists, storage locations, delivery statuses, quantities and expiry dates.

The main window of WarehouseNet is divided in three categories that include various sections. You can edit company information such as code, name, telephone number, email, facsimile and address. In addition, the Basics category includes backup options, as well as user and group management settings.

The Workflows section allows you to edit individual item details, such as group, brand name, description and remarks, but also manage supply data or pending and outgoing deliveries. WarehouseNet provides you with a wide variety of editable fields for each aforementioned section, including delivery order, supplier invoice, recipient, delivery method, out date and remarks.

The Inventory Reports category provides you with inventory-related data, including outgoing and incoming items, while also enabling you to edit fields and alter specific information.

Document filing support

WarehouseNet’s main window also includes database support for documentation filing and features various entries, each one assigned to a specific department (administration, merchandising, production, shipping).

To wrap it up, this utility can prove to be very efficient if you have medium to advanced PC knowledge and are in need of an editing tool that was designed for warehouse management.

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