Enables you to easily automate the hibernation of your computer and to start applications or open URLs when it is scheduled to resumes activity again.

  • WakeUp
  • Version :2.0 Build 42.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Noel Danjou

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WakeUp Description

For those who often leave their computer running for long periods of time, it can be important to control the computer’s natural hibernation settings with more precision than conventional settings allow. WakeUp is an application that provides users with advanced options for hibernation and suspension settings, as well as some additional features.

A series of simple features that provide multiple uses and useful extras to a computer

It would be a mistake to view WakeUp as a simple program that just schedules various sleep and hibernation modes. WakeUp can do significantly more and provide some very useful additions for users to take advantage of. Users can disable the screen from going back or override any hibernation settings to only enable if specific requirements are met. While it can be used to schedule actions not only when a computer enters a suspended state, but also when it resumes, it can be used to manage certain connections.

The application can detect if certain TCP ports are active and, if they are, prevent a sleep mode from activating. Users who work with networks or users who want to monitor a particular application’s connectivity and usage might appreciate the lack of an automated hibernate without having to disable hibernation mode entirely. Users can also enable the application to wake their computer at a set time or every number of hours or minutes. All of WakeUp’s features are very easy to configure and users will have no trouble with its user friendly design.

A flexible application that is easy to use in conjunction with other applications

The program’s ability to launch additional applications when a system resumes is an excellent feature and one with a wide array of uses, especially since the application also allows URLs to be opened automatically. Unfortunately, the application is limited to one program or one URL only, something that limits how useful the feature is. The ability to schedule multiple applications to launch or several URL addresses would be much more beneficial to users.

WakeUp’s detailed scheduling options though allow users to set specific timers and dates for a system to suspend itself. The ability to schedule an additional sleep after a set period of time once it sleeps means it can also create a loop of scheduled hibernation, forcing the computer to wake, sleep, then wake again. For users who wish to converse power while constantly checking other work or applications, WakeUp is a very powerful tool. The application could easily double as a time monitor or restrictor with an automated sleep, but the lack of a password on the application prevents this, an easily added feature.

A versatile application that allows users detailed customization of how it operates

In short, the application is simple to configure, easy to operate and has a surprising number of different uses. While there is room for improvement, the program’s standard features present a good array of options that should satisfy most users.

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