Wake On Lan Tool 2

Remotely switch on every Wake On Lan capable computer / device your network.

  • Wake On Lan Tool 2
  • Version:2.7
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Marko Oette

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Wake On Lan Tool 2 Description

Wake On Lan Tool 2 is a powerful utility that not only lets you manage computers from a distance, but also turn them on, reboot or shut them down.

One first look at the application will be enough to get you started. It is as simple as can be, in terms of visual aspects, as all operations you need to perform are represented by a specific button in the upper side of the main window.

A few things about the visuals

The first three buttons let you manage files, the next three tho hosting computer, and the last three the main actions you might want to perform. Below will appear enlisted all the computers that you want to have under control. You can also have them in separate groups, which might come in handy in case you have to handle more machines than can fit into a room.

Things to know to get started

If you are unsure how to get started and all of the computers you need to manage are connected to the same local network you can simply open a built in “network scanner”, after which you can select which computer you want to manage. You can also use computers over the Internet, however in order to do so you must first configure your router / VPN settings in a particular way.

The particularity that gives the application its name is the fact that besides being able to handle multiple remote computers, you have the option to power up a certain machine from a distance simply by pressing the “Wake” button.

To end with

Wake On Lan Tool 2 is a shepherd when it comes to managing multiple computers from a distance, making it not only a good method of playing a prank on your workmate but more than that saving you time if you urgently need to access files on a computer that is shut down.

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