Vyapin NTFS Security Management Suite

A fully-featured application that enables you to keep your shared files and folders safe across the network, as well as manage user permissions.

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Vyapin NTFS Security Management Suite Description

In order to quickly reach documents found on a computer that is part of a network, you can make the said files available across the entire domain, so that every machine connected to the network is able to access and copy them. The downside is that you put all the computers at risk, especially when it comes to data security and virus threats.

Grant, revoke or modify permissions

Vyapin NTFS Security Management Suite is a software utility that enables you to protect your network from any unwanted access, as well as manage the current users and their permissions. Hence, you can use the application to grant or deny basic and advanced permissions to any user and machine that is connected to the network.

In addition, these can also be revoked or modified according to your requirements, since they are not permanent. Thanks to this, you can grant temporary permissions to the computers that do not need constant access to the files and folders shared on the network. These are also split into basic and advanced permissions, which allow computers to bring more serious changes to the items they come in contact with.

View a wide array of detailed reports

The application also comes with a multitude of built-in reports, which enable you to view detailed information about the entire domain, or individual users that are part of the network. Beside the standard type of reports that are aimed toward the available shares and resources, you can also generate DAC reports, which can target specific folders and groups.

Furthermore, the power search wizard can be used to look for permissions into specific folders and shares spread around the network. These can be used in accordance to one of the scan profiles previously created and saved by you, so you do not have to take it from scratch every time you want to search for something.

A complete security solution for your network shares

All in all, Vyapin NTFS Security Management Suite offers a wide range of possibilities when it comes to the management of your network, with the added benefit of being able to grant or revoke permissions for each individual user. In addition, most of the functions are wizard-driven, which makes them very easy-to-use and intuitive.

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