Vuze Leap

A lightweight torrent client that emphasizes on simplicity and speed, in order to spare system resources and allow for faster transfer speeds.

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Vuze Leap Description

Thanks to the peer-to-peer technology, data can be easily transferred between users from all around the Internet, without the need for dedicated servers to handle the connections and provide all the bandwidth. Hence, torrent files allow for much faster transfer speeds, while also keeping you anonymous amongst the other leechers.

A clean and simple BitTorrent client

Vuze Leap is a BitTorrent client that aims to increase accessibility and remove any other distraction from the screen while you are searching for the desired torrents. Thus, you are offered a clean and simple interface, that emphasizes performance and speed over additional components that could interfere with your downloads.

To add a torrent and start transferring data, you can use the integrated search function and scour the Internet for the desired files. Depending on the results, they can be sorted according to a few categories, including audio, video and documents. In addition, you can also download the torrents directly from within the search window, without having to open your web browser and retrieve them manually.

View the currently downloading items and play media content

All of the currently active download tasks are visible inside the application and you can view information about the transfer speed, time remaining until completion and the total number of leechers and seeders for every torrent. In addition, you can also pause the process or remove the tasks altogether, as well as set download and upload limits.

In case you are grabbing a video or an audio document, Vuze Leap allows you to use the built-in player and view the selected media content. As you might expect, this is designed to be used as a preview tool, since it is rather basic and does not provide you with too many features. It can be, however, used to check quality samples before heading on to download the entire content.

A fast and responsive torrent client

As previously mentioned, the main advantage of Vuze Leap is its simplicity and quick reaction times, since it does not include any useless components to encumber the overall performance. Hence, you are left with a very clean and responsive client, that is able to obtain the most out of your connection and reach greater download speeds.

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