vTask Studio

Create automated scenarios using a breathtaking amount of actions and test them out with this cleverly designed software utility.

  • vTask Studio
  • Version:7.913
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Vista Software

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vTask Studio Description

Process automation is not an easy thing, but it makes it easier to test programs or handle repeating procedures. Specialized applications, such as vTask Studio, give you the possibility to make the computer do anything for you, given the correct data.

A large variety of actions to put in motion

The provided workspace is equipped, amongst others, with a side panel containing a breathtaking amount of options of which you can take advantage. All of them are organized in categories, ranging from run, window management, mouse and keyboard options to hardware or system information, as well as user prompts.

Collapsing a category only displays the exact action that can be performed. If you take the time to browse through all of them, you notice that virtually anything done on a computer can be automated. Add the help of available IF commands or Loops and automation possibilities become endless.

Easily customize actions and view the result

Each selection is easily made editable by dragging it on the main workspace. All actions there are displayed in a list, with several helpful info tabs.

Along with the main window comes a floating properties panel. Each action has its own set of fields to carefully modify to get the desired result. You are also able to leave comments and choose what happens if the process fails.

Once you think everything is in order, a run menu allows you to put the whole process in motion, choose a starting step and even a single one to test it out.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that vTask Studio gives you the possibility to create scenarios to make repeating tasks be a nuisance no more. Every available option is displayed in a cleverly designed main window allowing you to easily handle anything you need done.

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