DirectShow filter that lets you load external subtitle files into DirectShow-compliant media players in a quick, efficient manner.

  • VSFilter
  • Version :2.41.322
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :MPC-HC Team

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VSFilter Description

If you enjoy watching movies on your computer, you are probably familiar with subtitles that cannot be loaded due to various compatibility issues.

However, nowadays you can turn to a wide variety of software solutions that can help you bypass the situation described above. One of these applications is VSFilter.

Hassle-free setup

Installing this program on the target computer can be accomplished without significant efforts since you do not need to perform any additional nor complicated configuration.

The only necessary steps are launching the installer and following the on-screen instructions, as the rest of the setup process unfolds automatically, without any further assistance on your side.

DirectShow filter that lets you load external subtitles

VSFilter is a DirectShow filter that enables you to load external subtitles and use them within media players that are compatible with DirectShow.

Additionally, it supports extracting subtitles from DVDs and even VOB files, thus providing you with a broad range of capabilities regarding subtitle handling.

Packs handy configuration menu

This filter also comes with a comprehensive configuration menu that lets you adjust various parameters. You can load a subtitle file from your computer, choose the desired language if possible, set horizontal and vertical values, toggle placement overriding or toggle PAR compensation.

Furthermore, you can modify picture-related settings, such as doubling the size in certain situations or toggling MOD32 fix, but also other parameters regarding picture output, timing, or colors, depending on the situation. It is possible to add a location on your computer to the Paths menu so that the auto-loader component can scan it for matching subtitles.

Handy DirectShow filter that lets you load external subtitles

To wrap it up, VSFilter is a reliable DirectShow filter that enables you to load external subtitles and display them in DirectShow-compliant media players. It can be easily installed on the target computer and features a comprehensive configuration menu.

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