Transform your favorite videos and clips into pleasant screensavers for your desktop with this straightforward software solution.

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Vsaver Description

Even though screensavers cannot protect your screen from the image burn-in as before, they are still fun, entertaining and continue to be popular.

Vsaver is a relatively small utility that allows you to transform any of your favorite videos and homemade clips into enjoyable screensavers.

Eventless installation and simplistic interface

The setup is quick, straightforward and you should not expect any special issues during installation.

The interface, which consists of a tiny window, allows you to select the video to make your screensaver. Although it is modern, glossy and includes a player that allows you to preview the video, the window is relatively small and you can miss out on various details.

As a side note, the application supports only a few video formats, namely MP4, AVI, WMV and ASP, yet it allows you to see all files when browsing through the folders. Leaving this inconvenience aside for a second, the app could support more video formats and particularly, those specific to mobile devices.

Minimalistic and one-purpose functionality

Without denying that Vsaver can convert videos to screensavers, it is necessary to mention that it does not include any options whatsoever. Once the conversion is done, you can configure your screensaver using the classic Window settings.

It could be useful if the program allowed to customize or at least do some basic editing on the videos before converting them. In addition, it would be nice if you could include a music or text message or add special effects, such as fly in or stretch display, for instance.

Therefore, if you want to tweak, apply effects or cut a clip before converting it, you should employ third-party software.

It gets the job done, but it lacks too many options

Vsaver can be a good tool for inexperienced users who are just learning how to operate a computer, but would like to customize it with a fun screensaver. Nonetheless, advanced users might find this program too simplistic for their taste.

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