VRDL PanoLive

Live streaming solution that enables you to stitch videos captured by panoramic camera rigs and broadcast or save the output locally.

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VRDL PanoLive Description

VRDL PanoLive is a specialized software utility designed to help you create panoramic clips using video streams obtained from multiple sources. It supports several popular 360 camera rigs, including the GoPro, H3RPO-6 and H3RPO-6N.

The application relies on an optimized multiband blending algorithm indented to create smooth transitions between adjacent images and reduce exposure issues.

The streamed videos can be played on a wide range of platforms that support panoramic clips, including virtual reality headsets, smartphones and various media players.

Once you have launched the application, the first step involves selecting the video sources from a list of input devices and as choosing the right lens type and FOV. Next, you need to select your desired video resolution and frame rate, as well as the audio source you wish to use.

After completing the steps listed above, the application should display the input sources in real-time, and you then need to stitch them together in order to create a panoramic video.

VRDL PanoLive allows you to import VRDL and PTGUI parameter information files, which provide the application with the data it needs to stitch the input videos correctly.

If all the configurations have gone smoothly thus far, you can move on to broadcasting your panoramic video. To do so, you have to input the server address, as well as set the resolution, codec, speed and codec rate.

Alternatively, you can save the processed video content to a specified location on your hard drive. The same encoding settings can be customized in this case, and you can start or stop the capture process at any time.

System requirements

  • Intel core i7 or faster processor
  • 8GB of RAM or more
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960, 1GB VRAM or more
  • Magewell video acquisition card
  • Device requirements:
  • Fisheye lens
  • HDMI output interface
  • Minimum output resolution: 1280×720

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • Watermarks are applied to the output videos
  • Nag screen

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