Automatically remove certain files from your removable storage drives with this lightweight application that also provides password support.

  • VRCP AutoKFD
  • Version :
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :VRCP Soft

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VRCP AutoKFD Description

Handling multiple removable storage devices can put your computer at risk since some of the files contained within the said media can be infected by malicious components.

However, nowadays you can easily protect your PC against these unfortunate situations by turning to specialized software solutions, such as VRCP AutoKFD.

Easy to install, runs from tray

Setting up this application on your computer can be accomplished without great difficulty since it requires no additional configuration other than specifying the destination path and toggling the creation of shortcuts on or off.

The interface it packs is rather plain, visually unappealing, but encompasses a high number of functions that can help you simplify your work. It starts minimized in the system tray and accessing its main window can be done by double-clicking the tray icon.

Unfortunately, the help file is not available in English, which can be disconcerting for many users that might want to understand its controls better.

Remove potentially dangerous files from removable storage drives

You can use VRCP AutoKFD if you need a quick way of removing suspicious files from your removable storage media without having to do it manually each time you switch devices.

In order to do so, you need to configure a series of parameters, such as setting a testing interval for new drives or toggling which files should the application automatically remove. More so, you can choose which files or folders are excluded from deletion whenever a new device is detected.

Features password support and multiple drive processing

Additionally, this application enables you to set a master password that prevents other users from accessing its capabilities without your permission.

If needed, you can process all the supported devices simultaneously by right-clicking the icon tray and choosing the Test All Drives function from the context menu.

Lightweight application that can automatically remove certain files from your removable storage devices

As a conclusion, VRCP AutoKFD is a simple program that can help you protect your computer by automatically removing certain files from removable storage devices. It provides multiple customization options, mainly adjustable filters, comes with a simple user interface and features a help manual that is not available in English.

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