Generate voxel objects on your computer in a quick, efficient manner by turning to this handy application that features a comprehensive interface.

  • VoxelShop
  • Version :1.7.01 Alpha
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :BlackFlux Software

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VoxelShop Description

If you work as a game developer you might be familiar with the concept of voxel object and understand the importance of having appropriate software solutions that can enable you to handle such entities.

VoxelShop is one of the applications mentioned above that can help you achieve satisfactory results in voxel object creating or editing by providing you with various useful tools.

Smooth layout

This application comes with a comprehensive, stylish layout that packs various tools, which are neatly organized throughout the interface so that you can access them without significant efforts.

Although many of them are available directly on the main screen, some can only be accessed via the standard menus. No standard configuration menu is available, as well as no form of local help documentation. Therefore, you need to have previous experience with similar software to operate this program’s functions to their full extent.

Create or edit voxel objects

You can turn to VoxelShop if you need an efficient way to generate voxel objects or edit already existing ones, as this utility enables you to do so by offering you numerous relevant tools. This program lets you animate voxels with its Skeletal Animation component, which you can generate animations with by simply moving the various joints.

It is possible to create textured voxels by painting them with textures using the corresponding manager tool. Coloring generated objects can be done by either using the built-in sliders and panels or inputting a hex value in the designated field. Pressing the “P” key enables you to select any color from your screen and use it within your projects.

Additionally, you can organize your projects in layers, for increased efficiency when handling large projects. Binding shortcuts for easier access is also possible. This application lets you export your project to various formats, including DAE, VOX, KV6, PNX and PNG.

Handy voxel object creator and editor with animation support

All things considered, VoxelShop is a reliable voxel object creator and editor that lets you generate high-quality projects in an efficient manner. It features a smooth, user-friendly interface that packs various well-organized functions, letting you access and operate them without significant efforts.

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