Volleyball Scoreboard Standard

Keep track of the score in volleyball matches with this digital scoreboard that offers highly customizable details and an intuitive setup.

  • Volleyball Scoreboard Standard
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  • License :Shareware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :PC Scoreboards

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Volleyball Scoreboard Standard Description

Volleyball amateurs or even professionals might require a way of keeping track of match scores on their PCs. Volleyball Scoreboard Standard is an application that was developed to offer people an easy way of displaying the score for volleyball games on their PCs. I will provide a straightforward package that provides highly customizable features and multiple hotkeys for easy access.

Well-designed interface that truly resembles an authentic volleyball scoreboard

Volleyball Scoreboard Standard presents users with a clean interface that offers a color-coded display for several match development indicators. One will be able to display several parameters, such as the game time, a number of matches/sets won, for both the “home” and “visitors” teams.

All the scoreboard elements are nicely displayed, using customizable colors and the figures themselves carry a classic, digital clock dial setup. Users will be able to also add their images for the competing teams and the scoreboard will display them under the corresponding section.

Keep track of the score for volleyball matches with this application that offers customizable hotkeys

Users will be able to access a dedicated control screen, which will allow them to adjust the display of the scoreboard in real-time, by adding sets, games, increasing the game time manually or adding a buzzing sound when goals are registered.

Furthermore, in order to offer improved handling, the utility provides a number of keyboard shortcuts which can be used for starting/stopping the clock watch, increasing/decreasing the score and displaying the number of matches won, for both the “home” and “visitors” teams.

Useful application that will help users keep track of their volleyball matches through a fancy scoreboard

This utility addresses those who require an easy way of keeping track of the score for volleyball matches. It will offer them an accessible interface that boasts color-coded features and can be customized entirely using a backend control panel. People will be able to use their colors for the different scoring elements, add custom sounds and enable most of the application’s features with user-defined hotkeys.

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