Create voice commands to execute programs or use mouse and keyboard shortcuts to significantly simplify your work on the computer.

  • VoiceMacro
  • Version :1.2.6
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :FSC Soft

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VoiceMacro Description

VoiceMacro is an advanced and efficient software solution created to enhance the way you work on your computer, enabling you to execute certain tasks much quicker than usual, thus saving you valuable time in the process.

Practical and accessible looks

The application features a neatly-structured and intuitive appearance, most of its functions being quite self-explanatory and thus helping even novices successfully work with it from the first try.

The main window of VoiceMacro lets you choose between existing profiles, created for different purposes and comprising various macros that will serve your current needs, be it desk work or playing games.

Create and use macros in your daily computer work

You can begin by building a new profile for yourself, assigning it a name and a target window from the available ones (the currently active window, a document, a browser page or others), selecting your option from the dedicated menu.

The next step consists of creating your ‘Macros’, specifically the voice commands, mouse actions or keyboard buttons which, when activated should perform a certain action.

As such, you can input the word or phrase corresponding to your command, then define the ‘Keyboard Shortcut’, a key along with a modifier (left or right Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Win) or a mouse button and a movement type (single, double or triple click).

At this point, you can begin adding the actions, ‘Keyboard’ or ‘Mouse’ movements, or you can use the ‘Recorder’ to capture particular movements. The ‘Other’ menu lets you run a program, open a file, play a song, kill a process, speak a piece of text and several other actions. Once the configuration is saved, you can just press the corresponding buttons or pronounce your voice command and the assigned task will be executed automatically.

A useful shortcut designer for you to resort to

In conclusion, VoiceMacro is a complex and reliable application that you can use to optimize and streamline your work on the PC, ensuring you do not waste too much time on tasks that can be executed in just a few swift mouse moves or button presses.

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