VMC Reader

Easily open and explore CHM help documents or VMC multimedia libraries, play media content, plus open URLs, with this simple to use application.

  • VMC Reader
  • Version:3.58.7051
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Sanwhole

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VMC Reader Description

VMC Reader allows you to open and analyze CHM and VMC that are rich in multimedia content. The application enables you to view the embedded text, images, even video files, as well as videos in the help systems.

VMC multimedia library reader

VMC Reader is a useful tool that enables you to open CHM help files, as well as VMC multimedia libraries. Moreover, it enables you to create a multimedia help system and analyze executable packs that you can insert in other systems.

The program features a built-in media player, that can render both audio and video files stored in VMC packs. The program’s interface is split into several areas, so you may view several customizable options at the same time.

Thus, you can access the directory scheme, a tree structure with extendable nodes, that you can explore and open the files contained within it. The space in the center is dedicated to viewing the content of the files.

Open media and webpages

VMC Reader features a special division in its interface, for the media player, where you can view the videos or listen to the audio components. You may edit text areas using the basic tools, as well as view the VMC file’s properties if available: title, summary, version, author, company, time and license.

The program also features an Internet browsing function, dedicated to quickly opening URLs that are embedded in either of the CHM or VMC files that you open. The program also features a timer, designed to close it when the countdown is over.

Advanced user support

VMC Reader features several shortcuts to the user support website and keeps you up to date with automatic updates. The program works with several tools in order to render the media content, such as Internet Explorer and Flash player. You need to make sure that the requirements are up to date.

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