A lightweight, yet very efficient plugin for VLC Media Player that downloads subtitles from opensubtitles.org for movies as they are being played.

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VLSub Description

VLSub is an extension for VLC media player that allows the user to search for subtitles straight from the video rendering application.

Installing the add-on

Installing it is an easy task that is also described in a document that comes with the resources. Basically, the user has to place the VLsub file in the extensions folder of VLC player.

Searching for the right subtitle

The add-on can be launched from the View menu of the player and it has a straightforward interface that allows looking for the file in the opensubtitles.org repository.

You can choose the language of the subtitle file and the search can be initiated after providing the name of the movie. In the case of a series there is the possibility to enter additional details such as the season and the episode number.

A useful option is searching by the hash of the file, which should have greater result accuracy because the subtitle files returned match the video file print and are already synchronized with the image.

Configuration panel

VLSub comes with a range of options for defining the working language as well as the default language for the subtitles.

Additional settings refer to the usage of the subtitle file, which can be loaded into the player and saved locally or just loaded. Alternatively you can choose to download them manually.

Also available is the possibility to add the credentials for logging to the subtitle repository.


VLSub is not a complex application and it fits perfectly in VLC media player. It brings to the table a flexible set of options and increases the functionality of the player as well as the overall video watching experience.

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